Our Story

JIH HA Jewelry is the creative expression of New York City-based designer Jih Ha. Her formal training in art and design coupled with her passion for fine jewelry, inspires unique, delicately detailed, contemporary collections that offer timeless sophistication.

Since childhood, the world of aesthetics and art have created a lasting impression on Jih as she engaged in cultural research via extensive world travel. This developed into a deep curiosity about how women present themselves and accentuate their beauty in the way they dress and accessorize.

As Jih embarked on her career in broadcast media art direction, she began to create original jewelry pieces for herself. Her colleagues and clients in the media industry were so enamored with the unique designs, they urged her to pursue creating her own jewelry line.

Jih finds pleasure and fulfillment in making and creating passion for the pursuit of beauty. In the design of each of her pieces, she influences the style of the women wearing them. She believes that jewelry reflects who they really are. It completes their personality and makes them confident.

Offering a variety of versatile looks for a woman accessorizing for every day in every occasion, Jih Ha’s jewelry is created with no compromise in its quality and artisanship. Making bold statements with every look, these aspects are reflected in each collection. And each design adapts to any moment in life.

All jewelry is crafted to the highest standard in New York City. Each piece begins with a hand-drawn illustration and is hand-finished by the city’s master jewelers.

Inspired by nature, architecture, art and design, her pieces are appropriate for any occasion, from the simple to the sublime. Each collection is appointed with surprising and eclectic details that speak to individuality and femininity.